Q. What fabrics are you able to digitally print?

A. At Palm Printing Co we digitally print custom designs on both natural (cotton, rayon, viscose, bamboo, linen, tencel etc) and polyester based fabrics. 


Q. Can you print on my own fabric that I bring?

A. Yes we can, however there are some terms & steps as per below:

- Please supply an additional 1,5meters for orders under 20meters and 7% for orders over 20meters in fabric on top of the required printed amount in anticipation of shrinkage & minimum feeding amount into our machinery. If you require 1meter of printed fabric, please supply 2,5meters. 

- When supplying outside fabric the first print is considered a test print, we charge for the full amount of fabric supplied regardless of the outcome or print result. 


Q. Are you able to digitally print mulberry silk?

A. Unfortunately not at this stage.


Q. What is your minimum order or can I just order samples?

A. Our minimum order is 1meter per fabric type or you can order "strike offs" 


Q. Are you able to organise shipping of our fabric?

A. Yes we send our orders to most countries using DHL couriers.


Q. How much does it cost to ship 1meter of fabric?

A. Our shipping cost is weight based, so the final shipping cost will vary considerably depending on the selected fabric type & amount. We usually recommend letting us know which fabric from the list you're interested in, quantity & postcode for us to provide a shipping estimate.


Q. Do you have a selection of fabrics to choose from?

A. Yes we do, please refer to our fabric & price list here


Q. Do you have a selection of in house prints to choose from?

A. Not at this stage however most of our clients purchase commercial print licenses from websites such as shutterstock or creativemarket.


Q. What artwork file types do you accept?

A. Our file specifications are as followed:

  • Formats in either: TIF, JPG, PDF, EPS or AI.
  • The direction or length of the print is considered the vertical axis of the file and the width of the print is considered the horizontal axis of the artwork file.
  • Ensure artwork is ready to print, sized/scaled & repeatable/seamless (if applicable)
  • 500mb or less in size.
  • Resolution 150 DPI minimum.
  • RGB colour space.


Q. Are your inks certified?

A. Yes, all our inks are Eco Passport Certified by Oeko Tex. 


Q. Why did my print result come out really small?

A. We print the files as supplied, we don't adjust or edit the files in anyway. It's likely you haven't checked or sized the file accordingly. We strongly recommend ordering a "strike off" or 1 meter first to check your artwork before committing to a larger quantity.

Kindly note, if you don't check or order a sample first and the results are not what you expected, we're unable to provide any credits or discounts.

Q. What are you washing recommendations/instructions for your digitally printed fabric

A. We always recommend:

- Hand washing for best results.
- Cold gentle machine wash on light load or similar items.
- If using washing machine do not wash with heavy items such as towels, matts, jeans/jackets.
- Wash inside out where possible.
- Do not tumble dry.
- Avoid direct flat iron on print / Iron on the underside.


Q. Why did my digital print result look different or not as expected on fabric when compared to my computer monitor / screen?

A. Your computer monitor/screen has an RGB colour mode and essentially "produces/emits" light which is in turn the colour you see. Printed fabric on the other hand is made up of a mixture of colours which is CMYK based and unlike a monitor or screen it does not "produce" light but only refracts it. 

This means the colours will never perfectly match as the print results are a translation of the colours you view on your screen.

To ensure your print results are within your expectation we recommend ordering a strike off on the fabric you're interested in to test the artwork and overall results. 

If the colours are not as as expected we recommend either adjusting the colours or increasing saturation/colour levels and re printing strike offs/samples. We recommend providing a few different levels/options to make it easy in choosing the best option. Each fabric will have a different colour results, the chosen fabric may simply not be able to reach the a desired saturation or colour hue so it might require considering a different fabric option. 


Q. Why does my digitally printed fabric result look muted compared to the same artwork printed on paper?

A. The short answer is digital printing on a natural fibre fabric such cotton, viscose, linen etc will never have the same intensity or depth as paper printing. 

Fabric has a very absorbent & uneven surface compared to paper which has a much finer surface that will refract light a lot better therefore the viewer perceives it as more colour depth.
Textiles are often not optically whiten as much compared to paper which will naturally give the artwork a different tint.


Q. What is a print "Strike off"

A. This is a 30X30cm size sample or swatch, we offer this on all fabric types for the customer to check print results to ensure they are correct and within expectations.

Kindly note, if you don't check or order a sample first and the results are not what you expected, we're unable to provide any credits or discounts.


Q. Do you have a returns policy if my print results has a fault or issue?

A. Yes we do, please see our full terms & conditions here


Q. Do you also cut & sew garments?

A. At this stage we only focus on yardage printing jobs but contact us and we may be able to suggest someone. 


Q. Do you offer any sustainable or organic fabrics?

A. Yes we do, please check out our price list here


Q. Can I call or drop by to the factory if I'm in Bali?

A. Due to the number of daily orders we don’t provide private tours or consultations for Palm Printing as we work exclusively online. To avoid any potential issues we don't accept orders through phone calls as we have a simple "If it's not written - we don't process it" policy. 


Q. Can I get an phone number to message or Whatsapp you my order?

A. We only work via email to ensure all communication, order information and instructions are kept on the same thread, this avoids important instructions potentially being missed due to our correspondence thread being split between 2 or more platforms.


Q. Do you sell printed swatch books?

A. Yes we do, If you would like to receive a swatch book to an international address please send USD40 to our paypal account hello@palmprinting.co and kindly provide a delivery address (no po boxes) and a contactable phone number. If you are in Bali we can organise for the swatches to be delivered to your address for IDR230k or equivalent in USD/AUD.


Q. Why are you more expensive than other fabric printers in Bali?

A. We’re a digital fabric printer (not screen printing) which focuses on zero water pollution & sustainability.  Our minimum is 1 meter with no setup/screen costs and no limit to number of colours. 

The printing method most fabric printers use in Bali is screen printing which has minimums (generally 80-200meters), screen setup charges ($50-100 per colour), colour limitations and worse they discharge all their unprocessed water/chemical run off directly into either the ground water or river system - it’s a sad fact that every single fabric screen printer in Bali does this.