Swim trends for 2018

The new season is fast approaching and we’ll be taking our summer v-cays before you can even say bikini. So it’s never too early to start thinking about summer swimwear.
So what trends are going to be hot this summer? And more importantly, how are you going to add them to your wardrobe?
Sun bleached flora

Fashion is a fast paced industry and things are constantly changing on the trend front. However when it comes to flowers and floral patterns it has a habit of returning on a seasonal basis, even if the colour and style changes. For SS18 floral patterns are set to make another glorious return, this time in an altogether different format.

This time around florals are not strictly reserved for the beach, but your seaside florals should be bleached and subdued. Your swimwear should be giving the impression of hours spent in the summer sun. The ideal detailing would be the presence of a palm tree type pattern and adding a splash of magenta would double your style value.
(Above image was taken from a Kenzo SS18 show)
Shaking 60s //
They say that the 60s was the decade that changed the century and that is the vibe that many designers are channeling in their SS18 collection. The swinging 60s are back in business and so to are the bold, eye-catching prints that come with it.
The 60s was culturally liberal with colours, love and happiness at the heart of the decade. It was the generation who had witnessed the war, who had learnt lessons and who was determined to paint a brighter future. Thankfully for us, they channelled this into their fashion too.
Maria Grazia Churi wasn’t afraid to showcase her nod to the 60s at her Dior SS18 catwalk and neither should you.
This trend is all about geometric shapes, harsh lines and bold pigmented colours. It’s tie dye, contrasting colours and patterns that look busy at first glance.
Consider this, remember the kaleidoscope that you're auntie bought you one Christmas?
Ok, well go find that in a swimsuit and you are on the right track.
But a word to the wise, stay away from bouffant hair do’s. These are not back in fashion and some things belong in the 60s.
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